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2. června 2011 v 16:30 | Werí

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

These days, when people could study only in their state, are gone. Nowadays, there are lots of possibilities in education. The whole world lies in front of us and we should take this chance and do not waste it
Young people often thinks that studying abroad is their only option, how to learn language effectively.However, language is not the only reason, why is studying abroad so popular. You can learn foreign language comfortable at home without travelling anywhere, although you will never get to know this nation, their habits and culture life.

On the other hand, not everyone can afford this kind of studying. Education is really expensive these days and so is transport. In fact, if you have more children, you probably will not be able to pay this way of education. In theory, you can hope that your child will get scholarship, but in practice, you can wait for it for eternity.

To sum up, studying abroad is the best but also quite expensive way, how to learn foreign language and culture. However, if you have this option do not hesitate, because there is a possibility that chance like this could never appear again and that would be a shame to waste it.

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