War against Santa Claus

12. ledna 2012 v 18:56 | Werí
Opinion essay - dnes jsme měli na angličtinu napsat opinion Essay na téma Santa Claus vs. Ježíšek, takže se s vámi o ní podělím, kdyby náhodou někdo třeba potřeboval inspiraci nebo tak něco :))

Czech Republic suffers from endless fight between old white-beard men in the red clothes and little baby, who was born in the stables. Although Santa Claus is in every shop window, has his own transport and cute reindeers, baby Jesus still has irreplaceable place in our hearts.
I am convinced that nowadays success of Santa Claus is because of publicizing. We can see this old man in the television, in shop windows, everywhere on the internet and that makes us believe, that Santa is part of our culture although he is not.
The greatest impact has Santa probably on children. For them it is easier to believe in something they can imagine. Lot of fairytales shows us Santa in his sled pulled by reindeers and in addition we know, where he lives and how he gives presents to the children. On the contrary Baby Jesus has been never seen and children often ask, how is he able to distribute all the gifts though he is just a little baby.
Luckily our traditions haven't died out yet and hopefully they will not even in the future. There is still lot of people, who remember that Baby Jesus belongs to our Christmas and who don't want to accept Santa Claus as a symbol of Czech Christmas.
To sum up, Santa Claus is spreading like a cancer through our country, but with determination we can succeed and keep our Spirit of the Christmas unchanged.

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1 smutna smutna | Web | 12. ledna 2012 v 19:01 | Reagovat

Zjisti jestli te miluje, mrkni na muj webik !

2 morehuman morehuman | E-mail | Web | 9. června 2012 v 12:55 | Reagovat

wow, tvoje angličtina je vlemi pěkná :D koukáš se na anglický filmy a seriály nebo čteš anglický knihy nebo něco?

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